The STEX [ ADB ] PARTNERSHIP - Technology Partnership | Strategic Investment | Industry Sponsorsip.

STEX [ ADB ] is Open to Exclusive Technology Partnerships | Strategic Investments | Industry Sponsorships.

Target Audience for Strategic Technology Partnerships / Strategic Investments / Industry Sponsorships.

  • Large-Mid-Small Engineering/Technology Enterprises. [ E.g. Any Hardware/Software Systems Enterprise ]
  • Consortium of Engineering/Technology Enterprises. [ E.g. Consortium of Hardware/Software Systems Enterprise ]
  • Other Technology Enterprises and their Financial Arms

The STEX [ ADB ] - The Strategic Case.

STEX [ ADB ] is a Design Bureau that Specializes in Developing Advanced Systems and Solutions for the Industry, and Public Citizens [ Industry Ecosystem, Government Ecosystem & Public Citizen Ecosystems ], Using Computing Technology Systems Like Computing Servers.

STEX [ ADB ] Designs [ Hi Tech Advanced systems – From Sophisticated Enterprise Management systems, Nuclear Fusion Energy systems, Operating systems to Programing Compilers to Intelligent Information Network Systems & Intelligent Traffic systems ]. STEX [ ADB ] has been working on the theme of a Systematically Engineered Planet for a few years, in pursuit of solving some of the Toughest Industry and Public Citizen Problems.

STEX [ ADB ] has a very Wide Advanced Intellectual Property Portfolio, Comparable to Multiple Large Fortune 500 Companies. THE STEX Portfolio Includes 15+ Extremely Scalable & Commercially Viable Projects, which have the potential to scale and Impact a Million people to a Billion People on this planet, inclusive of Corporations and Enterprises.

STEX [ ADB ]'s Core Flag Ship System - is an "Intelligent Information & Services" Network called - The STEX Network. The STEX Network - Provides the world's Intelligent critical & Vital Information to an enterprise and Individual in real time. It Reduces Enterprise Marketing expenses to near ZERO. It Redefines communications systems like Email and provides a Next Generation Communication System for Enterprises & Individuals to facilitate Fluid Commerce and engagement. It's Intelligent Data Backbone is the Foundation for Next generation Artificial Intelligence.

A single project like the STEX Network can scale from a Million to a Billion users. [ Enterprises inclusive ]. Estimated cash flows roughly 10$ -40$ per year/per user.
  • at 1 Million users: 10-40 Million $ per year
  • at 1 Billion Users: 10-40 Billion $ per Year
STEX [ ADB ] has about 10 to 15 projects with similar Technology Schematics & Commercial Value in it's portfolio. STEX [ ADB ] is Proposing a Strategic Investment/ Strategic Partnership.

Strategic Investment / Strategic Partnership

  • STEX [ ADB ] is Open Valuations that a Corporation/Enterprise may find Deemed Fit for the purpose of a Strategic Investment or Strategic Partnership.
  • STEX [ ADB ] is also Open to Strategic Technology Partnerships with Technology Enterprises [ Large, Medium , Small ] For System Development & System Scaling, with Strategic Commercial Parameters.

What is the Rationale behind STEX [ ADB ] Looking out for a Strategic Technology Partner ?

STEX [ ADB ] is a small team of Architects & Engineers, who specialize purely in [ Design, Engineering & Architecture ] of Intelligent Design Technology Systems. [ That explains why STEX [ ADB ] is called a Design Bureau ].

STEX [ ADB ]'s Enterprise assets Constitute Primarily of Highly Scalable Commercial Project Blue Prints, High Quality Advanced Integrated Intellectual Property Assets, Detailed Architecture & Design Specifications / Techniques, Detailed Data Models, UX Designs & Eclectic Subsystem Technology Architecure Specifications. STEX [ ADB ]'s Core Application - THE STEX Network has been prototyped and can be Commercially Deployed in a a Short Time Frame [ 20 - 25 Days - With a Reasonably Small Team of Engineers ].

STEX [ ADB ] lacks the Commercial Services Ambition & the Human resource strength to scale out it's solutions & Network Systems. Though STEX [ ADB ] is a relatively Small Design Bureau - it's Portfolio of Project Blue Prints and Intellectual Property assets are comparable to any Large Corporation or Fortune 500 Company.

A [ large/Mid Sized ] Firm with [ a Good Mix of Hardware System Engineers, Software System Architect & Engineers + The Right Financial Resource strength ] may be The Right Entity to Partner with STEX [ ADB ]. The Objective of the Partnering Enterprise would be to Develop, Manage & Scale - The STEX Network and Other Systems in the STEX [ ADB ] portfolio.

Target Audience [ Entities that may fit into the scheme of things strategically.]

  • [ Mid Size or Large size ] - Industry/Technology majors as Independent entities
  • [ Mid Size or Large size ] - Industry/Technology majors as a Consortium of Entities
  • [ Mid Size or Large Size ] - Professional Technolgy Specialist Teams

Since STEXADB is a Design Bureau with a Wide Portfolio of Technology Systems based Solutions, we think a Strategic Partnership with a Strategic Enterprise, would create the right Industry platform to drive Technology based Industry Efficiency. Further, an association would have the potential to make significant Process Transformation & Commercial Impact in the Industry/Public & Public Ecosystems.

How does STEX [ ADB ] come up with Commercial cash Flow Estimates from THE STEX Network? Would this be realistic?

This Intelligent Network System - Enables Enterprises to Operate Efficiently and Strategically, by providing High Quality Intelligent Information flow from across the globe, Which eventually Translates to Sustainable commercial Value generation [ Addition to Top lines and Bottom lines ] for Enterprises. [ Which is a Rational Objective or Goal of any Enterprise ]. [ Which is a Rational Objective or Goal of any Enterprise ].

From a Public System Point of View - The STEX Network Systems Provide High Quality Intelligent Information Flow to Individuals, enabling them to Engage with the Market, Industry & Government systematically, as the need may be. From a Technology Point of View - STEX Networks Intelligent Data Backbone creates a foundation for Realistic Artificial Intelligence, so far only conceivable in Films & Movies like "IROBOT".

The Network Systems has certain Attractive Design Features Incorporated into the system, so as to facilitate easy Cash Flows for convenient services on the Network. Further The STEX Network system is Highly Secured and has "Intelligent Data" extensions that can be Utilized for providing Strategic Business Intelligence services & Realistic Artificial Intelligence Services in a Variety of Form Factors. STEX [ ADB ] anticipates that the Convenience of Vital Information & Services at convinience would attract a Large many People and Enterprises to register on The STEX Network. The Network has the Potential to scale well & The Transaction costs on the network are estimated to be nominal, so 10$-40$ cash flow/ Per year/ per individual is a very conservative estimate.

Does Any Other Enterprise Offer Technology Service like the STEX Network ? Are there any Competitors to STEX [ ADB ] ?

No, The STEX network is absolutely unique system of it’s kind and No such system exists on the Planet. It is envisioned to redefine Industry operations and Public citizen operations and bring in Enterprise and Public System Efficiencies at a Very Large Scale. STEX [ ADB ] has no Competitors as most of it's Systems are New Unique Advanced Innovative systems of it’s kind. STEX [ ADB ] Systems are based on New Unique Innovative Systems Design Techniques, with the Potential to create a new Market Place [ Blue Ocean strategy ].

What are STEX [ ADB ]'s estimates if any, for this Strategic Technology Partnership / Strategic Investment ?

STEX [ ADB ] has a clear Objectives and Design Goals and has a Sophisticated set of Advanced Solutions, addressing CORE Industry Problems. STEX [ ADB ] is Open to Strategic friendly Investments at a Miinimal Valuation of 50M$ Initially.

The Finacial Transaction estimate only reflects the Intrinsic Value of STEX [ ADB ]'s Design & Solution Engineering Efforts & is quiet Open [ Flexible ] on the Same. STEX [ ADB ] is interested in the "Right Strategic Technology Enterprise or a Participating Group" that may be interested in Systematically working with STEX [ ADB ] in executing the Project Blue Prints. This could be made Feasible through a Strategic Technology Partnership or Strategic Investments.

Note: The Core Project Blue Prints & Non Core Project Blue Prints + IPR assets can also be Systematically Commercialized Sold or Licensed to Interested Entities/Enterprises if they don't fit into the Participating Enterprises Objectives or specializations. A Technology team may be in a Good Position to arrive at a conclusion by studying the solutions at

What is the Time frame for the [ Development & Market scaling ] - of THE STEX Network ?

STEX [ ADB ] have developed Prototypes and the Systems have been Through Multiple Iterations of Design & Prototyping. STEX [ ADB ] has Completed the Entire Detailed System Architecture, Data store Designs, Data models, System Design and User Interfaces along with detailed Technology Architecture Specifications. The System could be enhanced as per need. The System only needs to be Developed as per the Design & Architecture Specifications and Deployed on Servers.

The First Commercial version of the STEX Network can be easily developed by a Small Sized team of JAVA Software Systems Engineers, in a Months time. Estimated Cost of Investment for Development & Deployment + Marketing/Market Scaling of the STEX Network = Order of a Few Million$ [ 100K $ to 10 million $ - Depending on Initial Investments in technology systems and Marketing Budget ]. We anticipate it to be on the higher End.

Please send Communications to [ Enterprise System Architect/CE ]. Email: EA[@] with a Subject Heading:

  • STEX [ ADB ] - Strategic Technology Partnership
  • STEX [ ADB ] - Strategic Investments/Ownership
  • STEX [ ADB ] - Strategic Merger - Acquisition

All Intellectual Property listed by STEX [ ADB ] is Classified Proprietary IPR of STEX International Advanced Design Bureau LLC, WY, USA.