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The STEX NETWORK - Information Discovery and Utility Services. [ A Preview ]

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The STEX Network is a Project designed to be the worlds largest - "Intelligent" Vital Information and "Intelligent" Services Network [ The Intelligent Digital GRID ] - Offering a wide range of Vital/Critical Real World services to the Enterprise and the public [ People ] for Industry Efficiency, sustainable growth and effective governance.

The STEX Network Allows [ Large, Medium, Small ] Enterprises, Universities, Governments and Individuals to participate on this Network by Registering their Credit/Debit Cards or Bank Accounts [ Secured Authentic account ] . Enterprises and Individuals may subscribe to a wide range of services available on the Network. e.g A large Enterprise like IBM may post Jobs on the Network. A Small enterprise may search for Work Contracts on the network or promote an Event on the Network. Individuals may search for jobs or shop on the network.

The Speciality of the STEX Network is that when The Network Collects information or [ Data ] from the Participating Enterprises & Individuals through a Data collection Screen called Broadcasting. The Data broadcast or projected by Enterprises or Individuals is Specially Structured/Designed in a Format that STEX [ ADB ] call's -"Intelligent Data". This Intelligent Data forms the basis for Futuristic Machine Generated Artificial Intelligence and Strategic Business Intelligence.

The Most Important Features/HighLights of the STEX NETWORK are

  • The STEX Network - Reduces Enterprise Marketing Expenses to near Zero and is an Innovative alternative to Advertising. The Network Works well even when Advertising is not a Feasible Medium for Propogating Information.
  • The STEX Network Facilitates access to the Entire World's Critical and Vital Information at one Single Point.
  • The STEX Network Introduces a New Form of Communication Channel called - STEX Communications. It Redefines Communication Systems like Email, promotes Highly Targeted Fluid Communications, across Industry and Public Citizens. Further, the Communication system has no scope for SPAM.
  • The STEX Network has an Integrated International Single Currency for Cash Flows within the Network. The Currency can be utilised for availing Services on the Network.

There are about 40 Specialized Categories of Information that can be Discovered on the STEX Network Search Engine, and are not Searchable on Internet Search Engines.

STEX Search - Intelligent Information Discovery Categories

X-Services [ Utility Services ]

X-Services [ Utility Services ]

  • Enterprise Profiles
  • Individual profiles
  • Work/Project Contracts
  • Finance Offerings
  • Industry Products
  • Software Products
  • Gaming Software
  • Services
  • Internet Services
  • Industry Offers & Discounts
  • Consumer Offers & Discounts
  • Property
  • News
  • Events/Seminars
  • Sponsorship/Scholarships
  • Contests/Competitions
  • Acquisitions
  • Talent Search Videos
  • Used Products
  • General Information
  • JV Partnerships
  • Innovations/Breakthroughs
  • Jobs
  • Software jobs
  • Learning Training
  • Reviews
  • Books
  • X-Services - STEX Network Public Identification System.
  • X-Services - STEX SCAN - GEO Spatial Map Search.
  • X-Services - STEX Communications System.
  • X-Services - Work Agreements.
  • X-Services - Property/Other Agreements.
  • X-Services - Group Buying Offers.
  • X-Services - PassportPlus [+] Services.
  • X-Services - Public Polls/Feed Back.
  • X-Services - Event Promotion and Event Booking.
  • X-Services - Digital Shopping [ Online | Home Delivery ].
  • X-Services - Payment Systems [ Funds Transfer B2B,B2C,C2C ]
  • X-Services - Payment Systems [ Billing, Ticketing, Commerce ]
  • X-Services - Tournament Team Ownership [ F1, Fooball, Cricket ].
  • Y-Services [ Intelligence Services ]

  • Y-Services - Business/Enterprise Analytics Intelligence.
  • Y-Services - Realistic Artificial Intelligence.


Is the STEX Search Engine a Public Search Engine like Google or Bing ?

Yes, the STEX Search Engine is an Information Search Engine like Google or Bing, however Information searchable on STEX Search is predominantely related to Enterprise/Industry Functions and Public Citizen Functions, not easily searchable on Internet search engines. For Example: One cannot search of a Technology Event happening in your locality or Industry Work Contracts or Jobs, on an Internet search engine. Further the STEX Search Engine has Additional Utility services Integrated/Inbuilt into the Search Engine. E.g Booking an Event Ticket or Buying a Product or making a Payment etc.

Example 1 - Industry Work Contract Search

The STEX NETWORK Search Provides Highly Accurate Geography Specific - Trusted Information - E.g. Work Contracts, Specialized Info, Industry & Consumer Products, Events, Jobs etc etc.

Example 2 - Individual Career Profile Search

The STEX NETWORK - Search Engine is also Integrated with an Integrated QR Code Payment System.

The STEX SCAN - MAP SEARCH ENGINE [ WEB & SMARTPHONE ] - A Geo Spatial Search Engine.

The STEX Network Facilitates - Fluid, Real Time, Spatial 3D Information Access through a Map based Search Engine. This Technique has Not been demonstrated in Any Existing Information system on this Planet. Some Vital Types of Information are

  • Discount and Sales of Jeans in a Radius Scan of 5 Km from your present Location
  • A House For Rent in any Particular Locality - in a 3 Km Radius.
  • Nearest Hotel with Hotel Room Fee - in radius of 1 Km from your Present Location.
  • Property for Sale - Around 10 Km
  • Used Furniture for Sale in a Locality of 5 Km Radius.

Where does the Search Information on the STEX Search Engine come from ? How is it Different from a Search Engine like Google or Bing ?

Traditional Internet Search Engines work differently by Crawling the Internet and collecting Unstructured Website/WebPage Information. The STEX Network works differently, as it allows Registered Users to Login and Broadcast/or Push Intelligent Information into the STEX Network in Specific High Context Categories like Offers, Work Contracts, Careers, Events etc. In Principle it is Similar to Logging in to Twitter/Facebook and Posting Information, however the Information collected by the STEX Network is Highly Specialized Intelligent and Geospatial in nature, thus allowing Highly Accurate and Specialized search at the STEX Search Engine. Additionally The Information is Secured, Spam Free and Trusted information from Network Members, thus eliminating any chance of Fraud or Risk [ Because network Members are linked through their Debit Card/Bank Accounts ].

Note: The STEX Network comes with Additional - Inbuilt Services like Zero Risk QR Payments, Secure Enterprise and STEX Communications etc.

The STEX NETWORK - Information Broadcasting | Information Publishing System

Example 1 - Information Broadcasting [ Employment and Jobs ]

Example 2 - Information Broadcasting [ Event & Promotions ]

This Section Facilitates Event Promotions with an Integrated Direct Event Ticket Booking Facility on the STEX Network.

The STEX NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS - Redefines Traditional Email for Specialized Enterprise and Public Communications.

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Have you Ever Wondered how you could Send an Official Communication or a Business Proposal or a Marketing Communication, to an Important Person or an important Authority in an Organization, without Having their Email Communication address ?

It Is possible through the STEX Communications systems, for all registered members, in a secure spam free way. The STEX Communications Systems Breaks away communication Barriers in the Industry, allowing you to Communicate and Network Freely.

The STEX NETWORK - X Services [ Universal Payment Systems - B2B,B2C,C2C, Retail Commerce, Billing etc.. ]

All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved - by STEX International Advanced Design Bureau LLC, USA.

The QR Payment - Allows Financial Payment Transactions at One Single Point on the STEX Network, using QR Codes scan through a Smart Phone. The same Financial Transaction could also be conducted on the Web through the Browser. All Financial Transactionsa are Conducted in Single World International Currency - WEC.

  • QR Payment Removes all the Major Points of Failure in a Financial Transaction
  • Traditional Internet Finacial Transactions Involves - 4 Systems to Work in Serial for a Transaction to be successful.
  • 1] Card Payment Gateway 2] Card Issuing Bank 3] 3RD Party Bill Payment System 4] Parent Enterprise Integrated Billing System.
  • A Failure in Any One System would Fail the Financial Transaction. QR Payment System on the STEX Network removes all the Points of Failure and is available as One Integrated Payment system - Intelligently Integrated to the Enterprise Billing System.
  • QR Payment Hides - Credit Card Details from the Public Systems, Reducing Fraud to Zero[%]. QR Payment works Internally Within the STEX Network, therefore Fraud is Further reduced to Zero [%].

The STEX NETWORK - X Services [ Digital Commerce Systems ] - Fluid Product Purchase, Shopping..

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The STEX NETWORK - X Services [ Public Profile Identification & Public Profile Verification System ]

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The STEX Network - Public Identification/Verification System

The STEX Network Public Profile Identification Service is used for Public Safety and Public Security verification at Airports, Rail Stations, Events, Hotels, Enterprises, Public Events, Government Public Document Endorsements, Employee Verification etc. It is a Universal Identification System for Every Individual or Enterprise Registered on the STEX Network.

The STEX - Technology GRID Services [ Insurance Products, Air Ticketing, Rail/Ship Ticketing, Hotel Booking, Logistics, Electronic Health Records, Product Servicing & Support ...] System

The Primary Design Purpose of Building a Technology Grid Offering Insurance Products, Air Ticketing Facility, Rail Ticketing Facility, Hotel Booking Facility is to Standardize Idustry products. Industry Products are Very Widely Heterogeneous in Design, so Every Insurance Policy or Financial Product in the Market has Varying Parameters, Clauses and Rules. The Products are So Many in Number that Consumers ofen Face the Challenge of Comparing Different Products with Many Variations in Terms and Conditions.

STEX Design Bureau aims at STANDARDIZING Insurance and Financial Products/ Air Ticket /Rail ticket/Hotel Reservation products by Designing The Core Product, The Policy and Rules. Any Insurance Firm may Calculate The Product Quotations related to the Product and project the Information into the STEX Technology Grid. This Saves Insurance Companies with a Huge amount of Ever Expanding - Inhouse Technology Spending, thus allowing them to Focus on their Core Line of Business. The STEX Network System Integrated with the Technology Grid allows Members to Purchase a "Industry Standardized Product/Policy" with ease. The Same Applies to the Airline/Rail Industry, Logistics Industry and Health Industry.

Electronic Medical Records

The Electronic Medical Record Technology Services - Is a Planet Scale Fluid Transactional Electronic Health Record System for Individuals worldwide. The System Maintains Highly Secure & Private Medical Health Records For All Individuals, Accessible to Any Medical Doctor or Health Center. The System has Entire set of Health Records from Birth to Death, and can be Updated by Doctors at absolutely any Location.

Since The System Collects Medical diagnostics Information of a large number of Patients, endorsed by Multiple Doctors or Medical Practioners, the Data is Statistically & Collectively Intelligent. This Intelligent Data aids doctors by Providing them Artificial Medical Intelligence - i.e Providing them Proactive "Dignosis & Prescription" Information about Similar Successful Medical Cases Recorded by the EMR System, on Multiple Patients worldwide, Prescribed or Endorsed by Doctors Worldwide.

Since Electronic Medical Records is not a High Frequency - High Activity System - It scales very Easily with a Reasonably Large Datastore.


A similar Logistics Technology Systems provides - Vital real time [ Capacity and Cost Information ] through the Digital systems, Connecting Transporters, Freight Forwarders and Consignees. The System Caters to Transportation systems like

  • Shipping
  • Air
  • Rail
  • Road

The STEX NETWORK - DATA CUBE [ Precision Engineered Data for Business Intelligence / Artificial Intelligence / Economics Intelligence ]

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Air/Marine/Road - Navigation & Traffic Systems

Traditionally Engineered Traffic Systems are sometimes a difficult proposition because traditional technology includes camera based/Laser based solutions [ which may be very accurate, but do not scale well. It is because fixing a camera's on every street or road is a difficult process ]. STEX traffic Systems include 3G/4G/ Wi-Fi enabled devices that are placed inside public transport and cars, that trigger Intelligent traffic Information through 3G/4G/4G Internet Networks to High Speed Memory cache Machines attached to Optional Fluid Datastores. Apart from Traffic Information Triggering, the devices also allow Internet access [ Wifi Hotspot ] in Cars and Public Transport systems. These Devices are also useful in notifying Emergency situations.

Position and Speed Information [ Data ] in the Traffic Zone is Broadcast or Communicated by the Vehicle at the 3 Zones of the road - [ Entry/Exit and Intermediate Zones ]. Arrays of Data Points can be used to Store a set Latitude Longitude Datapoints that Consitutes a Road. These Datapoints may be used to Provide Accurate Any Point to Any Point Map based Navigation. This information may also be used to provide alternate Traffic Routes through this live traffic system.

[ Note: Data Points can be collected by Driving a Car through a Particular Road ]. The Road Data Points Data structure is described in detail in the FCX reality Compiler Section. The Entire Traffic System and WayFinding System would be available through Artificial Intelligence Interactive Programs.

A Very Important Advantage of this System is that a low Vehicle count [ with the Device installed ] is sufficient to generate traffic information in a zone. 10 in 50/100 Vehicles may be able to indicate the Traffic Pulse/Traffic Speed in the Traffic Zone.

Low Critical Systems like Road Traffic Systems Operate purely on only on High Memory Server Systems and Record to Database only under certain Conditions like Accidents.